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(TW: Mentions of violence and rape)

I’m pretty open about how I do not expect to come out of 2017 alive. I didn’t expect to survive more than a week past my birthday, aka the day after the election aka the Day Hope Died. I ask myself constantly when those racist/sexist/homophobic shit stains will finally get me. Every time I get on my train. Every day that I walk into my office building. Each week when I host my writing group.

When will I wind up with a bullet in my head from a trigger-happy cop?

When will I be left beaten, brutalized and/or raped along the riverside promenade?

When will I be pushed off of a CTA platform for having the nerve to exist in public?

The answer: I do not know, for this is something over which I have no power. I do have the power to do one thing:

I can tell my story.

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[Content Note: Flashing Images]

And when I say that I don’t make great adult decisions, I mean that I don’t say no to enough things in order to protect myself from how exhausted I currently am. I started this blog entry at my writing group while I was also laughing at some serious schaudenflan when I was supposed to be presenting a positive, inclusive example for my writers. Talk about a failure to pack in my inner asshole. By the by, this is not something that you should say out loud when surrounded by Archer fans.

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So I posted some serious shit yesterday about my past. It needed to be aired out and I’m not sorry that I did. This blog is going to be full of serious, thought-provoking, heart-wrenching shit because that’s just how life rolls. That being said, I do feel the need to lighten the mood once in a while, so every now and then, I’m going to work out your abdominal muscles by providing you with some of the most outrageous verbal vomit out currently floating around the interwebs.

Our first edition of Bat Shit Kray-Kray Time stars Jennifer Thieme. Ms. Thieme is the director of financial advancement for the National Organization for Marriage’s Ruth Institute and a bleached blonde mirth of logical fallacies. Her most recent assertion proclaims that marriage equality will “treat mothers like slaves and children like chattel”.

Hmm…don’t social conservatives already do that? Anyway, I won’t spoil the fun for you. Check out this link and get all of the WTF belly shakes you can handle!

Because We Need The Motherfucking Inspiration!

Perhaps my title is a tad on the militant side, but we in the Secular/Skeptic/Humanist/Atheist community[ies] have not been getting a lot of positive news lately. Like I said in an earlier post, just because you don’t like being called on out your assholish behavior doesn’t mean that you don’t need to be called out on it.

That being said, I’m not going to [presently] dwell on the asshats within the community who still suffer from Special Snowflake syndrome. Just because haters are going to hate doesn’t mean that we’re going to placate. 

So, rock on, Next Gen! Keep producing that awesomesauce!