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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Yeah, I know. I’ve been absolutely horrible at keeping up with this blog. I’d like to come up with a wildly inventive, yet plausible excuse, but to be perfectly honest, it comes down to that feeling that everyone has already said what you’re thinking about everything that is going on, and you don’t want to seem like you’re jumping on the bandwagon in order to make yourself relevant. You rack your brain for something original, something that has not been said, and it turns out that someone with more weight than you has already said what you’ve been trying to put on to a post for months. It’s incredibly disheartening and often disarming. Repeatedly questioning why it is I do what I do hinders my ability to actually write on this thing.

Oh, then there is my book. Or at least what is slowly becoming my book.

I’ve been working on my 3rd draft because I’m super self-critical like that. I’m roughly at 30K into the first part of my rewrite, having just finished an integral scene that almost brought me to tears. (Yes, there will be a couple of these; I’m pretty sure that my characters hate me with the fire of a thousand suns). At this rate, I’m on track to have the 3rd draft done and ready for workshop submission by March. Whether I will be emotionally ready to have a group of well-meaning writers tear apart my opus and put it back together is another story in and of itself. Intellectually I know that this needs to happen.

All of that being said, let me get back to making fictional lives harder than they already are.

You Can’t Stop The Pen.