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Because I’m done.

I’m done being told that I have to be calm. Be quiet. Be patient. Be civil. Be nice. Be compromising.

I’m done believing that I’m the reason for my assault.

I’m done being told and telling other girls “boys will be boys”.

I’m done rationalizing rape.

I’m done being the brunt of a joke because I want safety and sanity.

I’m done being killed for being with the person with whom I want to share my life.

I’m done being killed for trying to get some fucking bread.

I’m done being beat down.

I’m done getting imprisoned for defending myself.

I’m done being afraid to ask for help because I might not have a skull cavity afterwards.

I’m done screaming the same thing 30 times only to have my words legitimized when they come out of a straight white cis man’s mouth.

I’m done being told that I’m being “irrational”, “over-emotional” or “crazy” because I refused to buy the bullshit that you were selling.

I’m done being ignored.

I’m done being followed.

I’m done being tested.

I’m done being taunted, teased and tricked.

I’m done being asked if you can touch my hair. And yes, it is fixed. Fuck you very much for asking.

I’m done being ethnically interrogated because my black doesn’t fit YOUR ideal.

I’m done being coached to ignore my gender in favor of the good of my race.

I’m done being told to motherfucking smile.

I’m done being introduced as YOUR “black friend”.

I’m done being introduced as YOUR “black girlfriend”.

I’m done being YOUR Get-Out-Of-Racist/Sexist/Homophobic-Jail-Free card.

I’m done with being threatened.

I’m done with being “strong”.

I’m done with YOUR friendzoning.

I’m done with YOUR consequence-free speech.

I’m done with YOUR petty excuses.

I’m done with YOUR defensiveness.

I’m done with YOUR temper tantrums.

I’m done answering YOUR deliberately obtuse and/or patronizingly asinine questions.

I’m done being held responsible for YOUR education.

I’m done with YOUR unsolicited advice.

I’m done with YOUR white-knighting.

I’m done with YOUR derailing comments.

I’m done with YOU making it about YOU.

I’m done with YOUR insistence that I be happy eating the shit sandwich.

I’m done wiping YOUR mouth.

I’m done cleaning up YOUR mess.

I’m done covering YOUR ass.

And finally, more than anything…

I am D-U-N motherfucking DONE being asked this question.


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