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Oh, I’m sorry. Am I being too harsh? Am I being too inconsiderate? I guess I am since you, the grand, glorious, mighty YOU said so and YOU have never been wrong about anything in your entire life.

Am I overreacting? Am I being irrational? Am I being just flat-out crazy? Well, I’m sorry. I guess that’s just what happens when my own thoughts, feelings, dreams or desires that do not fit YOUR plan are dismissed as mere inconvenience.

I hurt YOUR feelings, huh? I made YOU feel small, stupid, insignificant, unworthy, unwelcome? Welcome to the background radiation permeating my everyday existence.

Excuse me, I’m OBLIGATED to talk to YOU because YOU bought me a drink? I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault that YOU still treat human interactions like business transactions, so YOU will just have to fucking deal with the undeserved “Thank You” as I walk back to be with my friends.

Hold on a second. Are YOU attacking me for some smarmy comment I made three days ago? Are YOU continuing to attack me for not remembering that I made said comment? OH THAT’S RIGHT. I forgot. I exist for no other purpose than to bolster YOUR piddly ass. I’m not here at all for anything that I may want to do with my own life.

Back the truck up. Are YOU actually jumping down MY throat for not proving my geekiness to YOU? Unless YOU are John Scalzi, I don’t have to prove shit to YOU. Get out of my face and my space so I can enjoy my Saga GNs.

Oh now YOU are uncomfortable with me staring at YOU? Well, YOU did put on those skinny jeans and fitted shirt, so YOU must want me to circle you like a vulture circles carrion.

Well, YOU must be negating YOUR skeptic mentality since YOU’RE not providing me with extraordinary evidence for painfully ordinary and way-too-frequent claims of ongoing harassment within our community. I mean, it’s so obvious that YOU’RE perfectly capable of turning down that last drink or excusing YOURSELF from the company of an influential figure within our sphere without suffering from retaliation that will affect YOURSELF, YOUR family, YOUR friends, YOUR career and YOUR standing within our community.

YOU’RE never “too frigid” or “too loose” or “too loud” or “too soft”.

YOU’RE never “uncouth” or “uncomely” first and a doctor/lawyer/scientist/teacher/activist second.

YOU’RE never resigned to pervasive objectification, demonization, dehumanization, or diminution because asking for more/working towards more than the shit hand that you were dealt makes you a bitch/cunt/slag/quim/whore.

YOU are never subjected to the constant scrutiny of a society just waiting for the chip in YOUR armor to show because society doesn’t know what to do with YOU who doesn’t embody any of its imposed stereotypes.

YOU get to rest.

YOU get to play.

YOU get to be carefree.

YOU get to be/say/do whatever the hell you want.

So yes, you and your man feelings CAN GO FUCK YOURSELVES.

Or YOU can start opening YOUR eyes and realize how good YOU have it and I don’t.


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