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Usually when nature calls, I’ll answer it briefly, then switch over to civilization. This time, it’s different. I’ll be off the grid for roughly 4 days, no computer, no WiFi, no cell, no electricity. Let’s party like it’s 1799!

In all seriousness, the people with whom I will be camping are pretty awesome. While I’m at this event, I’m going to be participating in a roundtable discussion on the “Fake Geek Girl” phenomenon with two amazing women. I’ve just lost a debate with one of these lovely ladies on which is the campier movie, Conan The Barbarian or Beastmaster 2: Through The Portal Of Time. The debate began four years ago.

Yeeaaah, serves me right. Anywho, check out her blog. Loads of geekiness for all, it is!

Until next week, civilization! 


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